I’ve never done yoga before. Is this class for me? Yes! My slow flow classes are designed for students who are new to yoga, just returning to yoga, or practice yoga intermittently.

What if I’m not flexible? You are the perfect person to practice yoga!  In my classes, I emphasize finding length through strength. This means we will focus on moving from a foundation of strength rather than pushing through hyper-flexibility. I want you to do what feels good and don’t do what doesn’t feel good. My goal is to increase functional mobility in your daily life so that you not only feel good – but feel GREAT!

What should I wear? Clothes you can move around in and that are comfortable for you.

What should I bring? A water bottle, a yoga mat, and possibly a wash towel. There will be free mats to borrow but a personal mat is better for hygienic reasons. We will have a water fountain available to fill your water bottle. Although this is not a hot yoga class, your body will naturally become warmer through the movement so you may want to bring a wash towel to towel off.

What if I have an injury? Depending on the injury we can work together to modify the poses to suit your personal needs. Always be sure to inform me of any medical concerns prior to the class so that I can offer you the most beneficial adjustments.

What are the benefits of yoga? Yoga can improve posture, strength, flexibility, energy, and body awareness. It can enhance physical and mental balance, reduce stress and depression, and provide clarity for the mind and body.

Can children participate in your classes? Children 12+ are welcome to join us for the class

What style of yoga do you teach? I teach a vinyasa flow-based style of yoga derived from the YogaStream technique I was trained in. This technique was developed by physical therapist and movement specialist Lara Heimann.

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